How a Complaint can be made to ADL Support Services

To enable fair and objective handling, all complaints must be lodged in writing either via email
at or post . If you are unable to carry this ADL Support Services can provide a service to write up dictated information.

Information required when making a complaint

  • Your name and contact details
  • Location of incident that you wish to make a complaint about
  • Time and date of incident
  • A description of the incident that occurred·
  • Any Documents that you may have that support your complaint
  • The resolution you wish to meet

ADL Support Services Complaints process

Acknowledge: Your complaint will be formally acknowledged in writing

Review and Investigate: We review your complaint and if necessary conduct an investigation. During the investigation we will collect information and evidence and review this in collaboration with your evidence. This investigation may include interviewing the staff involved.

Respond: Following the investigation we will formally notify you of our findings and any action taken, while also protecting the employee rights to confidentiality.

Record: ADL Support Services record your complaint, the investigation and the outcome and store this inline with our confidentiality policy.


If you are not satisfied with ADL Support Servicesresponse to your complaint you may request an appeal. This will again need to be in writing and include details of why you do not feel satisfied or feel your complaint was not handled fair and objectively. The appeal will take the same process resulting in a formal response to

the outcome and action taken. Should you not be satisfied by the results of your appeal you are encourage to forward your complaint to Consumer and Business Servicesat alternatively if you are receiving support as a result of your NDIS plan forward your complaint to NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commisson by phoning 1800 035 544