More than just smelling the roses, garden maintenance is vital for the safety and function of any home.

Our highly-trained and experienced staff love nothing more than getting down and dirty to tame even the wildest of jungles.

It goes without saying that your safety is our priority and all team members are trained, uniformed and hold current clearances and screenings.

Regular Garden Maintenance

Regular and consistent garden maintenance is about more than keeping up appearances; it is vital to having a safe living environment. We understand the physical performance of this task is not always possible, which is why we offer regularly scheduled lawn mowing, weed management, leaf clean-ups and pruning. Billed by the hour, we can tailor a service to meet your individual needs and funding level.

Pruning & Hedging

The correct pruning or hedging of plants is important for the ongoing health and vitality of your garden. The physical performance of this task is not always easy or possible. Our highly-trained team can undertake pruning and hedging for all types of plants, including roses, fruit trees, ornamental trees and hedges.


Lawn Mowing

A well-maintained lawn is important to create a safe and enjoyable living environment. For many people with an injury or disability, maintaining the lawn can be a difficult, or even impossible, task. We provide regular lawn mowing services, including edging and blowdowns, to make your lawn beautiful again.

Weed Management

Effective weed management not only improves the appearance of your home and garden; it is also important for maintaining a safe environment. We understand the physical performance of this task is not always possible. We offer a variety of options for the management of weeds including manual removal, slashing and spraying (with our pet-friendly spray).

Planting & Mulching

Correct and suitable placement of plants and the application of mulch is essential to create a beautifully presented garden that you can safely enjoy all year round. Our knowledgeable and helpful team will carry out planting and mulching tailored to your gardens needs.

Tree Pruning

Pruning of trees, bushes and other plants is an important aspect of home maintenance. This can be a difficult or overwhelming task if you do not have the knowledge, physical capabilities or correct tools. Our knowledgeable team will prune your trees safely using best practice techniques and the right tools.

Garden Clean-ups

We know that sometimes things can get out of hand. The ADL Support Services team is equipped with the skills and equipment to wrangle any garden despite how overgrown it may have become. The ADL Crew will meet with you to provide a quote and plan of attack to bring your garden back to its former glory.

Gutter Cleaning

Keeping your gutters free of mud, leaf matter, and debris regularly is important to ensure your property is safe and well-maintained. ADL Support Services understand that the physical aspects of this task are not always safe or possible, which is why our team is trained and equipped to undertake gutter maintenance on single and double-storey homes.