Transport Services

Our support workers are trained and experienced in transport. All our vehicles are insured and fit for purpose, so you can get to and from your errands or appointment safely and hassle-free.

Get from A to B with support

Sometimes you need a hand getting to and from appointments, but for many different reasons, public transport is not an option. That's where ADL Support Services steps in.

We understand the importance of reliable transportation for maintaining independence and accessing essential services. Our team provides personalised support every step of the way, whether it's accomapnying you during your jounery or assisting you in travelling to and from appointments.

What We Provide:

  • Transport to and from you destination
  • Assistance during appointments
  • Trained and experienced support staff
  • Fully insured & fit for purpose vehicles
  • Hear What Our Participants Have To Say...

    Having a safe and suitable for purpose car is vital for the ease and safety of my travels. I get this with ADL.

    Megan, Adelaide

    NDIS Service Enquiry Form

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