Home Maintenance

Often the smallest changes can make the biggest impact.

ADL Support Services is a licensed provider of small, non-structural home modifications and is proudly licensed to provide “Low-Risk, Low-Cost” Adaptive Modifications under the NDIS.

Key Safe Lockboxes

A key safe lockbox is a high-security option to keep keys safe yet accessible outside of the property. We supply and install fire-safe key lock boxes where your keys will be safely stored and accessible via a changeable four-digit code.

Lock box

High Visibility Taping

Non-slip, high visibility taping can highlight and alert an individual to a change in the level or height of the floor. This simple modification is often used to assist individuals who have compromised sight or depth perception.

Adjustable Showerhead

Hand-held shower heads can make showering while being assisted, or perhaps using aids, far more manageable. We can supply and install an adjustable handheld showerhead to existing showers.

Shower head

Magnetic Door Catches

Magnetic door catches allow a self-closing door to remain open while an individual moves through closing only when released. We can supply and install magnetic catches to external or internal doors.

Hose Reels

We supply and install wall-mounted retractable hose reels with a 20-metre hose and spray gun for safe and accessible garden watering. Retractable hose reels remove the need for heavy buckets and eliminate the risk of falls that loose hoses create. The safe retraction mechanism makes it simple to pull out and use, before the auto rewind stores the hose away.

Hose reel

Home Maintenance

Little problems can become big problems if left too long. Our staff are licensed to undertake a variety of household maintenance tasks, including:

  • Gutter and solar panel cleaning
  • Changing light bulbs
  • Smoke alarm testing
  • General repairs
  • Doorbell installation
  • Vent cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Hard rubbish removal

Gutter Cleaning

Keeping your gutters free of mud, leaf matter, and debris is a vital part of good property maintenance. ADL Support Services understand that the physical aspects of cleaning gutters not always safe or possible which is why our team is trained and equipped to clean gutters on both single and double-storey homes.