CTP Services

Supporting Compulsory Third Party Injury Claims.

ADL Support Service understands the important role domestic support has on the rehabilitation and re-engagement of someone who has suffered an injury.

Working together with consultant recommendations and Case Manager approval, we provide a schedule of client-focused services to support the individual claimant's recovery and re-engagement.

How it works

  1. A referral is made via email or via our online booking form.
  2. The claimant is contacted to book a schedule of approved services.
  3. A letter outlining these bookings is sent to the client for their records. This helps the claimant track their services and remind them of our contact details.
  4. Confirmation of booking email is sent to the referrer and Case Manager or CTP Agent.
  5. Once a schedule of approved services has been completed, the Case Manager is notified, giving them the option to either extend or cease support.

ADL Support Services looked after my garden and home after I had a serious car accident. I can not praise them enough, they are so very efficient and go above and beyond each and every time. Their help has taken a huge weight off my mind while I can concentrate on rehabilitation.

Lawrie, a happy CTP claimant - Adelaide