About Us

It starts at home.

We believe in the power high-quality domestic support has on an individual’s engagement, outlook and function.

We are passionate providers of in-home and community support services uniquely tailored for the under 65's and funded by a variety of schemes including NDIS, CTP, RTWSA and DVA Household Services.

Our Values

  • We Empower
  • We think Safety
  • We are Responsive
  • We are Client Focused
  • We are Accountable
  • We are Purposeful
  • We are United

Our Mission

To empower individuals throughout their journey, choices and lives.

Our History

ADL Support Services was founded by Lisa Mrowka who on reflection, unbeknown to anyone spent her life preparing for the role.

Growing up with divorced working class parents, their professions quickly became my proxy babysitters. With my limited extended family living cross country I spent my school holidays being dragged along to work. Like most, my parents both shared a strong work ethic and a total distaste for lurking, and in no time at all I was put to work. When I was with my Mum, an Age Care Nurse, my tasks would include folding freshly washed linen, sorting the drinking cups and water jugs, restocking the tea trolley and even painting residents' nails! When it was my time with Dad I would convert to trades assistant traipsing around all day passing screw drivers and light globes up a 10ft ladder. Darting in and out of the back corridors of high-rise buildings.

I guess it was a natural progression when, at the age of 16, I began an after school job working as “patient services” at the local hospital! Loving myself sick as a self-proclaimed “trolley dolly” I worked the wards serving tea, coffee and meals to the patients. I was hooked on the unique energy a hospital brings and, flash forward a few years, I was on the same wards carrying out my first placement as a nurse.

“This kid is loosing her legs fast and we need to find out exactly why” the consultant declared to his team of eager students outside my hospital room. It was 7.03am the 5th of January and I was already awake having just played the “can you feel this" game. My handful of years as a Nurse robbed me of any ignorance. I knew it was bad when the Emergency Nurse told me they were waiting for the oncall Neurologist to come in and see me after my MRI. My bed was parked in a hallway of the RAH Emergency Department and I felt like an elephant was resting on my chest. Dizzy, scared and petrified, I could see the Junior doctor who did my initial examination high fiving another and showing off my films beaming with pride. To him it was a great catch, an amazing win, an excellent example of an extensive examination. A good day in the office. For me, it was the worst. "But my kids..." (a three year and new born at the time) I thought.

It was a long and challenging road to recovery consisting of years of rehab, MRI’s, assessments and enough medications to make you rattle. I had been diagnosed with a rare cyst in my spinal cord that when inflamed significantly impacted my mobility. For several years the doctors expected it would continue to grow. It was like living on a tight rope.

Those days, now 10 years ago, are too painful to think of often but they did give me a deep insight into trauma, the unforeseen and the greater picture. Just as my childhood and early working years have given me insight into the many aspects of home and client care, I easily assimilate with how quickly life goes on. Dishes still need to be done, clothes still need to be washed, bills still need to be paid. Life does not give way to trauma. Like a stone hitting a pond, the ripple effect of an injury or disability effect many in many different ways, some a little and others more significantly. I am one of the very lucky few that now have the honour to use this insight for good.

ADL Support Services has quickly become something far bigger than a vision. With a steadfast focus on people, each team member and client added along the way has brought unique experiences and insight. By continual reflection and evolving together, we have built something special.

ADL Support Services is a team where clients, staff and stakeholders are valued equally. We empower each other to grow and develop, we rise together, and with each new addition, we become stronger.

Welcome, we are so glad you are here!