Terms & Conditions

The below are terms and conditions of services provided by ADL Support Services

1. Service Provision

1.1 ADL Support Services purpose to provide services for the injured and disabled under the scope of activities of daily living therefore services provided under the scope of considered regular practice of the individual prior to injury or the standard scope

1.2 All services and tasks carried out by ADL Support Services are to carried out safely and within relevant legislation.

1.3 Services at all times received as a support to function not compensation 1.4 Services are to be carried out at the pre arranged duration

1.5 Normal Hours of Service are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm with the exception of public holidays

2. Bookings, Cancellations and Service Forfeit

2.1 ADL Support Services reserve the right to cease or refuse services to any current or future client

2.2 Written notification from funding body representative must be provided to ADL Support Services prior to commencement or exception of service

2.3 Cancellation of prior booked services must occur no later then, and in extreme circumstances 2 hours prior to service, failure to cancel a service prior to our staff attendance to the property will result in the service being forfeited and not redeemable

2.4 Services cut short by the client / participant or representative of will result in the remainder time being forfeited

2.5 Canceled services with the exception of forfeited services require to be carried out within the period prior to the next scheduled service or 2 weeks which ever is longer.

3. Confidently and Security

3.1 All staff are required to sign and follow a strict confidentiality policy

3.2 All Staff are required to wear logoed uniform shirt at all times on duty

3.3 All staff are required to handover to management any safety concerns or breeches in criminal law observed

3.4 All staff hold current Criminal History Checks

4. Billing

4.1 All carried out and forfeit hours will be billed directly to clients insurance agency viaemail

4.2 Invoices are payable within 30 days 4.3 All payments are required remittances

5. Complaints

5.1 All complaints and concerns made to ADL Support Services under the ACCC guidelines and in reflection of the nature of services must be made as soon as possible and within reasonable time of services carried out.

5.2 All complaints issued to ADL Support Services will initiate an internal investigation and where deemed required a offer of correction will be made